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Tommy Beauregard, Salem 

Salem Travel Basketball nominates Tommy Beauregard as its 2017 Jack Gabriel nominee.  Although we have many athletes that would be great candidates this year after talking with numerous players, parents, and coaches we have chosen Tommy.  Tommy is an exceptional young man both on and off the court.  I have had the pleasure of watching him grow both as an athlete and a person.  He is a role model for all the other participants in our program as well as opponents.  He always gives his best effort and is a coaches dream.  He listens, is respectful and is universally respected by his peers, parents, and coaches.  He is very modest and is a team player.  He is a very unselfish player and as the leader of our team he always puts team first.  Tommy has a great combination of drive, determination, ability, competitiveness,  and sportsmanship.  Many players these days have one or maybe two of these traits but he possesses them all.  Tommy has been a member of our travel program all three years.  He wears the Salem Witch jersey with pride and represents our program well.

Tommy plays three sports at a high level, he is the football quarterback and a baseball pitcher and short stop, and still finds time to be an honors student and be recognized as a member of the Collins Middle School honor society.  
Tommy Beauregard is a candidate that will represent the  Jack Gabriel Award well. 

JT Murphy, Georgetown 


I would like to nominate Justin “JT” Murphy for the Jack Gabriel Award.


I have coached JT for several years and couldn’t think of a more deserving young man.  He is hard working, a great teammate, extremely coachable and a fantastic basketball player.  He treats his coaches and teammates with the utmost respect while at all times demonstrating true sportsmanship.  He is a student of the game who improves not only from season to season but in a meaningful way within season from game one to the playoffs.  He is our top defender and leads our team in three point field goals as well as field goal percentage.  While the stats tell an impressive story it is really the intangibles JT brings to the court every practice, meeting and game that sets him apart.

It is my privilege and honor to nominate JT for this award.   

 Brennan Frost , Beverly 

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Brennan has demonstrated leadership, passion, respect for the game as well as his teammates and coaches, throughout his four years of playing Cape Ann basketball.  He is always willing to listen to his coaches and learn the game. Always taking a workman-like approach to the game. He is well respected both by the players as well as the coaches. 

In addition, Brennan is an honor society student who balances both his athletic commitments as well as those in the classroom. He has been a role model teammate and a pleasure to coach for 4 years. In a time where youth sports is ever-changing, these kids growing up often times lack solid peer examples of sportsmanship. Brennan has been that for our Beverly Boys 8th grade Cape Ann team. 

Alex Denisco , Peabody

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Alex Denisco is currently an eighth grader at the Higgins Middle School In Peabody, Mass.  I have had the pleasure of coaching Alex for the last three years. I must tell you as a coach if you were looking for a player that sets the bar high and leads by example with effort and sportsmanship Alex would be your guy.

Alex comes to practice every day and never complains. He does nothing but work hard and is constantly improving his game as well as his teammates by talking to them and helping them out on plays or if they have questions about certain things that might be going on.  

Alex is very involved in two other sports other than basketball. He is the quarter back for his football team and plays in three different Lacrosse Leagues during the spring and summer months.

With all the games and practices that Alex attends he is still able to perform above and beyond in the classroom. He is currently an all "A" student  which puts him on the National Junior Honor Society. He is also a member of the student advisory board which participates in many activities in the school. Lastly Alex is a Peer Mentor. This allows Alex to go help the younger students with homework, projects and their reading and writing skills.

At home Alex is always helping out around the house whether it be with the daily chores his brother and sisters or at times in the winter months his neighbors who may need help shoveling. When Alex can find some free time he loves to surround himself with his friends and go to the beach to surf, swim and skim board.

In closing  you can see Alex is a great role model, student and friend. I am honored to have such a young man of his qualities on my team. He has been with no doubt an asset to the team but more importantly an asset to his school and fellow students as well as his community.

Respectively Submited,

Brian Colella


Carter Coffey, Hamilton-Wenham


Character - Loses with his head up and wins humbly.  Never utters a negative word regardless of outcome and stays positive and motivated thru each season.
teamwork - During practice always willing to help teach other kids a defensive or offensive concept.  A quiet leader on the court never judging a team members abilities and willing to keep all positive.
dedication - During winter baseball still comes even if he is late and wants to stay afterwards for more shooting.
excellence - win or lose Carter evaluates his own performance and looks for ways to improve.  Reacts positively to coaching tips and learns from experiences.
Sportsmanship - Carter is a respectful player not only of the refs, but for the other team as well as members of his own team. In four years he has never openly challenged a call from a ref.  He understands that all sports require respect of others on the court/field/rink etc. He has openly expressed accolades of opponents when it was warranted.  Always first to offer a hand if a man is down.





Frank Wood, Manchester-Essex

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Manchester Essex Nomination for the Jack Gabriel Award is Frank Wood.
It is with great pleasure that we nominate Frank Wood for Jack Gabriel Award.  Frank embodies the characteristics Jack Garbiel stood for: character, teamwork, dedication, excellence and sportsmanship.  
 I've been coaching youth sports for roughly 10 years encompassing upwards of 40+ teams (that's what happens when you have four of your own kids playing multiple sports).  I have been coaching Frank in various sports since he was seven years old.  Every time i think of Frank a big smile comes to my face. I can say with 100% certainty that Frank is one of, if not THE all time favorite kid to coach. 
To see his development from a shy seven year old to the young man he is today is truly rewarding.  He stepped on the flag football field big, shy, lacking confidence, slow and somewhat awkward.  Contrast that to where he stands today - one of the best players on our team and a true leader. He is athletic, can rebound, dribble, shoot and defend. He has always been eager to learn and ready to absorb anything the coaches were teaching.  His athleticism and skills grew with age as well as with dedication and hard work.  Frank is an outstanding football and baseball player as well.  But what makes Frank stand out is not necessarily his play on the court - although it is excellent - it's his leadership in the huddles and in the practices.  Frank is a born leader on the court/field and in the class rooms.

Coaching teenagers isn't easy.  I have a typically rambunctious 8th grade team.  That said I can turn to Frank with confidence and say get these guys ready for the game, don't let them mess around, stretch them out.  Frank takes control and he is like having another adult on the court.  When the other kids aren't listening - it is Frank who settles them down.  This type of leadership isn't easy and it's not confined to the court.  

Frank has improved each year has played and has gone from a contributing player in 5th grade to one of the leaders on the court for the team - whether it's scoring or rebounding or setting a pick - Frank is alway there for the team.  Frank always gives 100% and is a dedicated teammate and player.  During one game this year Frank, unfortunately, missed a couple of free throws at the end.  He was obviously very disappointed.  I drove by his house later that day to pick him and there he was practicing free throws - he had been out there for about hour and half.  It's that  dedication that sets him apart.  I can't say enough good things about Frank.
I'm going to be sad when this season ends and I miss our team and Frank in particular.  That said, I'm looking forward to seeing him play for the next four years in high school.  But beyond that, I can already tell what kind of person Frank will become beyond high school - a leader in whatever he pursues.  He is a special kid and represents everything the Jack Gabriel Award stands for.

Harrison Pelosi, Gloucester


Silas Bucco, Pentucket


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The Pentucket   8th grade Cape Ann basketball team is proud to nominate Silas Bucco for the 2016-2017 Jack Gabriel Award. Silas is the ultimate team player. He epitomizes the good sportsmanship, dedication and strong character valued in this award. Silas always gives his best effort, not just in the course of games, but also in every minute of every practice. He is just as likely to “hit the floor” diving for a loose ball during a drill in practice as he would be in the last minute of a close game. His effort is dependable. He is a fierce competitor, but you would never know it if you met him off the basketball court.  When encountering   a new plan for offense or defense in practice, Silas will often ask relevant questions. Looking for the best way to help his team, Silas is the type of player who confirms his role as he helps others understand theirs. Silas is a very selfless player who naturally executes the fundamentals that don’t always show up in the scorebook like setting picks, making the extra pass and playing oppressive defense. He is a leader who shows his leadership by his actions on and off the court. Silas always plays with respect of his opponents, officials, and teammates alike .He never utters a negative word or shows discouragement regardless of the situation. He is an even tempered and composed leader.                   

 Along with being a superb multi-sport athlete who excels in basketball, baseball and football, Silas also is an outstanding student who consistently achieves High Honors. He is also involved in local community service as he often volunteers for seasonal events at the surrounding elementary schools.                                      

Silas is a polite, humble and talented young man.  He is an ideal candidate who exemplifies the characteristics that the Jack Gabriel award recognizes. Congratulations to all the nominees.             

Russell Blodgett, Marblehead




Russell is a great candidate because of his hard work! Both on and off the court. Since my existence of coaching the team I've watched him grow from a quiet Sixth grader to a leader of our team. He had helped our program tremendously with his dedication to the coaches, players, and program. To give Ann idea of how valuable he's been we decided to let the team vote and he was elected with a unanimous decision! He's a great player, a great student, a great teammate, and a great representative for Marblehead travel basketball.

Will Taylor, North Reading



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To whom it may concern,


On behalf of North Reading Youth Basketball, it is my honor to present William Taylor as our nominee for the “John J. Gabriel Award”.

The attributes listed to be considered for this prestigious award are adjectives that have followed William from a very early age throughout his athletic and academic career.

Leading by example is often the sign of a true leader, which William exemplifies not only throughout each game but during each drill at every practice. He works relentlessly at every challenge placed in front him and pushes his teammates to match his effort. Personifying the meaning of dedication to his sport while exhibiting character and teamwork in doing so.

While not the largest athlete in each of the (3) sports he plays, William is unquestionably always the athlete with the strongest desire to and assert himself as a tough competitor that other teams recognize and respect. In basketball, regardless of size, he is always responsible for the other team’s best offensive player. His unselfishness on offense allows others on his team to excel at the sacrifice of his own personal statistics. A quick no look pass to a cutter brings him far more joy than hitting a three pointer.

Beyond basketball William continues his dedication and effort in multiple sports as well as within the classroom. An all-league player in football and baseball, in basketball a member of the “all-tournament team” in a recent AAU multi-state regional tournament and a high honor roll student for three consecutive years are examples of some of the accolades he has received for his achievements and success. These awards would not be possible without the character, dedication and pursuit of excellence in each endeavor he participates in.

We encourage you to consider William as this year’s recipient of the “John J. Gabriel” award.




Coach Bill Scribner






Drew Grey, Danvers


It is with great pleasure that the Cape Ann League Team nominates Drew Gray for the 2016-2017 Jack Gabriel Award. Drew’s unwavering dedication and commitment to his team and teammates make him an

ideal candidate for an award that celebrates character, teamwork,

dedication, excellence, and sportsmanship.


Drew began his basketball career in the fifth grade and has proven to be a tremendous asset to the team ever since.  He has always demonstrated genuine sportsmanship through out the team’s highs and lows as each player developed into this passionate 8th grade team that they have become.  Drew’s perseverance and ability to keep his team motivated is what we encourage to all who participate in the sport of basketball.  He quickly learns from his mistakes and is not easily discouraged by his mistakes.  His strategic action on the court shows his excellent comprehension of the mental game as well as the physical game.  Players like this are the reason coaches love to coach.

It is for all of these reasons that I believe Drew Gray is the ideal candidate for the Jack Gabriel Award.


Hayden Bond, Lynnfield

Lynnfield is pleased and honored to nominate Hayden Bond for the Jack Gabriel Award. Always one of the best players on the floor, Hayden has still worked hard to improve every year, constantly doing dribbling drills, adding a left hand, extending his jump shot, and working on his jumping to where he can get rim at 5 foot 8 inches. As a great athlete and player, Hayden could shoot and probably score every time down the floor, but he understands the importance of team work. He involves everyone on the team and puts his team mates in the position to succeed. He leads by example, diving on the floor for loose balls, covering the other teams’ biggest players, making the extra pass and encouraging his team mates with positive words.

In the games against an overmatched opponent when most kids just want to score, Hayden would rather pass the ball to the kids who do not normally score many points if any. Hayden moves the ball to others, to make sure they can enjoy the game and feel the pride of scoring. Parents from our own team and parents from the opposing teams comment about his willingness to pass on shooting and to instead give others the opportunity.

In the more demanding games, Hayden can take over the game, breaking the press, driving to the basket, finishing with both his right and left hand, hitting threes, making free throws, rebounds on both ends of the floor, and man to man defense. Always one of the toughest kids on the floor, Hayden never fails to give 100% racing up and down the court whatever the score, never giving up on a play.

Hayden excels in everything he does, baseball, soccer, academics and as a good kid who supports his peers whenever needed. Hayden exemplifies everything that is good about our basketball league, sports, and a kids’ life.

We are proud to nominate Hayden Bond for the Jack Gabriel Award



Kyle Odoy, Triton



This is provided as a nomination, without any qualification or reservation, of Kyle Odoy for the Jack Gabriel Award on behalf of the TritonBasketball program.  In every sense of the word, Kyle is the most complete eighth grade basketball player that we have seen come through the program.

If you pay close enough attention, you can learn a lot about a player by how the opposing coach greets them in the handshake line at the end of a game.  Kyle is the player who gets the handshake that lasts about a second longer than anyone else, perhaps a pat on the back, and usually a full sentence or two and not just ‘Good Game.’  On account of the way that he both plays the game and conducts himself on and off the court, Kyle constantly earns the respect and admiration of his teammates, his coaches, the other team and coaches, the referees and all the fans.

In all the years that we have coached Kyle, and for one of us that extends to Kindergarten, here is a list of all the things that Kyle has never done around a basketball court:

1.            Swear
2.            Protest a call to a referee
3.            Yell at a teammate
4.            Commit a cheap foul
5.            Fail to stand up off the bench when teammate makes a good play
6.            Give anything less than full effort
7.            Not pick up a teammate who has fallen
8.            Quit

If basketball ability factors into your decision, Kyle plays and guards every position (from point guard to center), and leads his team this year in scoring, rebounding, assists, and blocks.

If academics matter to you, then know that Kyle will graduate Middle School this June as either the first or second ranked student in his class.

Perhaps you care about community service – Kyle was one of two Triton Middle School students chosen to lead community service activities and had to miss our game with Marblehead because he was being personally recognized by Governor Baker for his efforts.

If you want a well-rounded athlete, please be aware the Kyle was the starting quarterback on Triton’s freshman team (as an 8th grader) and was his Babe Ruth team’s starting pitcher (though a year younger than most of his teammates).

He also strums a mean guitar.

The league would be extremely proud to have Kyle Odoy as its Jack Gabriel Award winner.


Tom Overbaugh
Leo Parent
Matt Doring

Cole Terry, Ipswich

















Cole Terry Ipswich 8th Grade boys
First year on the team, pretty raw kid when it came to the sport. I saw him the last 5 months come to the gym day after day working on his shot, ball handling skills, and his speed. Cole is a kid that didn't make the Travel league but loved the sport and motivated himself to get better at the game. He led my team in rebounds, he wasn't the tallest kid on my team but became the most aggressive to the ball and would put his all on the court every game. Cole is the type of kid if the coach is talking he's listening, anything I asked of him he would do, I was very lucky to have Cole on my team this season. Cole ended up being my best big man even though there were 3 kids taller than him on my team. I would constantly have him man up with the biggest and toughest opponent on the other team.
I do not have a picture of him but I can get one tomorrow.
I was a very lucky coach to have Cole Terry on the Ipswich team this season, he has a big future in front of him if he continues to work the way he does.