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Profiles of the 2006-07 John J. Gabriel Award Nominees:

PENTUCKET: Paul Treado - WINNER! Over the past three years I believe Paul has been one of the hardest working boys in the league. While not a starter, he has improved his basketball skills more than anyone else on the team. His dedication (he has not missed a practice in the past three years) and his attitude exemplify the Jack Gabriel award. Terry Beaton, Pentucket Director

GLOUCESTER: Christian Favalora - Christian is a 4th year player in the Cape Ann League. He stands 5 feet and weiqhs 100 lbs which would be below average on a 5th grade roster. To see him compete over the past four years based on shear determination has been amazing.  This is not a kid that looks cute in the oversized uniform and get his token minutes.  He is a big part of the team for having all the characteristics that his award stands for plus a ton of heart and determination. (p.s. he won the 3 point contest last year) Tim Philpott, Gloucester Director


AMESBURY: Chris Madera - Chris is and always has been a selfless player committed to improving himself and moreover the team. He has always expressed this through the examples of his work ethic, respect for teammates, respect towards opposition, and dedication to personal improvement. Dave Regis, Amesbury Director

MARBLEHEAD: Matt Perlow - Matt Perlow is the definition of a team player. He is always prepared, eager to learn and committed to team basketball. Matt is respected by his teammates as leader and is always respected by the opposition. Phil Coughlin, Marblehead Director

DANVERS: Keith Kurpiel - Keith is a soft spoken leader who has been a member of the Danvers travel squad all four years. I can't remember if he has ever missed a practice in those four years. In addition to his practice time with the travel team you can also find him refining his basketball skills at the Danvers YMCA or taking in a Danvers varsity basketball game. Keith will also congratulate a teammate for a great play and will never get down on a teammate for a mistake. Steve Burrill, Coach Danvers 8th Grade

HAMILTON WENHAM: Pat Hendrickson - Ever since Kindergarten, Pat has been a special person both on and off the basketball court. At a young age, Pat would always help those who had less skills than him whenever asked by his coaches and he has always volunteered to do community service to help the town basketball program out. In his travel years, Pat has always been the "go to" guy for his team and a real team leader. These past 2 years, I have really seen Pat mature into a fine young man who I am very proud to have representing Hamilton-Wenham in the Cape Ann League as well as his kindness to young kids in the program. Doug Lindland, Hamilton-Wenham Director

MANCHESTER-ESSEX: Alex Carr - Alex is our point guard, the player who has run our offense for four years. He is an intelligent player and has taught many of the plays to the players after or before practice. He is a leader, who never wants to miss a practice and is always lobbying for more practice time. Although initially not happy at the prospect of losing a game, he has developed a real positive attitude when it comes to playing and a relationship with several other players through Chris Ford Basketball Camp. He plays summer travel, winter travel, basketball camp and loves the game. Finally, he is teaching his younger brother (3rd grade) Chris, how to play the game correctly and stresses that wins and losses are incidental to good overall sportsmanship. When the game is on the line, we all want the ball in Alex’s hand as we know he will give it 110% and won’t complain at the outcome. Jim Carr, Manchester-Essex 8th Grade Coach

NORTH ANDOVER: Griffin Coakley - Griff is the smallest starting guard in the Cape Ann league but utilized his talent and determination to help lead his team to the North Division regular season championship. Griffin does all the little things that make a team better such as playing full out defense 100% of the time, making the critical pass or hitting the key shot. Griffin is all about making his team win, not leading the team in stats. Griff has worked hard to develop his skills and is a coaches dream, meaning he'll take criticism and turn it into a positive. As far as sportsmanship, Griff is the first guy to help an opponent off the floor, the guy who sprints on and off the court, and does not complain about his role on the team. He is respectful of the parents, refs, and most importantly the game. John Erb, Assistant Coach, North Andover 8th Grade

BEVERLY: Andy Brown - At our first practice, after numerous wind sprints I asked the team if they could finish this statement; “that which does not kill us……. and Andy said in his unassuming soft spoken voice “makes us stronger”. That in a nut shell, is Andy; hard working, respectful, never boastful. Early on he came to the coaches and asked if we could practice two nights a week instead of one. So we have had two practices a week all season long for 2 hours at a time thanks to Andy. He is not the best player on the team (there are no best players on our team) but he is one of the leaders. And, he leads by the best way you would want a player or person to lead and that is; BY EXAMPLE. George Thompson, Beverly 8th Grade Coach

PEABODY: Dimitri Kritikos  -Dimitri ( number 34 )has been playing forward on my team for 3 years and although he plays very physical, he has never come off the court complaining about his oppponents trash talk or the refs. making bad calls. When Dimitri is taken out of his shift, not once in 3 years has he given either Coach a bad look or the roll of the eyes that we receive from some players. Dimitri is the kind of player that in the middle of a very competitive playoff game, will stop to see if a player from the opposing team is o'k. He plays to win, but when the game is over he walks off the court laughing and smiling and just glad to have had the chance to play. Ron Sheehan, Coach and Director of Peabody.

TRITON: Connor Adamik - Conner is a great kid with a great attitude who always gives 110% every time he’s on the court, whether it be at practice or game. His determination, willingness to learn, and confidence has improved with each year. I believe the qualities that Conner possesses will lead him on a path to a bright future filled with success not only in sports, but in anything he chooses to do in life. Dave Lewis 8th grade Triton coach

IPSWICH: Alex Salazar - He's not our best player (not a starter), but he's our hardest worker, best teammate and positive role model for younger players. He has fallen behind other players in his development, but continues to offer his best effort at every practice and game. Thanks for the opportunity to nominate for recognition a boy like Alex. Dennis Shaughnessy, Ipswich 8th Grade Coach

MASCONOMET: Connor Cash - Connor Cash uses his basketball talents to compete effectively, while his sportsmanship is respectful of the rules, players, coaches and referees. Bill Whelan, Assistant Coach 8th Grade

LYNNFIELD: Mack Burt - Hard worker, very coach-able player, has a big heart and desire to compete, always there for his teammates and keeps his fellow players spirits up during this long season for us. Kevin Canty, Lynnfield Director and 8th Grade Coach

NEWBURYPORT: Matt Matola -