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League Meeting Notes - Sunday, October 4 

New town Directors: Bob Masella - Manchester-Essex,  Ed Marsh - Ipswich, Triton - to be named soon, Jon Hozman - Peabody Boys Travel, Cowan White - Salem Boys Travel

MOTION PASSED 16-0 to add Salem as the 18th town in the Cape Ann League

MOTION PASSED 14-2 to revise the rule about certain towns splitting the talent level of thier teams or sending B teams to the CAL - thus, all towns are open to enter their "A" teams into the Cape Ann League (Gloucester, Salem, Danvers, Peabody, Beverly, North Andover) 

There was a 3 way vote on a proposed league structure which was narrowed down to 2 choices - keep the league as it is with a 2 division playoff proposed at the end of the season or, for a new league structure of Cape Ann 1 and Cape Ann 2 with several towns that had exceptionally strong teams in grades be placed in CAL 1 and several large towns with weak teams in certain grades be moved to CAL 2. The goal - balanced divisions by grade.

MOTION PASSED 10-6 for a new league structure: 2 divisions with certains towns that have exceptionally weak or strong individual grades playing cross division in Cape Ann 1 or Cape Ann 2. There will be 17 regular season games - a few cross division games may be scheduled based on the number of teams per grade. The playoffs will have 2 divisions - Cape Ann 1 and Cape Ann 2.

Cape Ann 1:

  • Danvers (all teams)
  • Masconomet TBD
  • Peabody (all teams)
  • Salem (all teams)
  • North Andover (all teams)
  • Marblehead (all teams)
  • Beverly (all teams)
  • Pentucket TBD
  • Gloucester (some teams in CAL 2)

Cape Ann 2:

  • Hamilton-Wenham (grade 5 and 7 in CAL 1)
  • Lynnfield (grade 7 in CAL 1)
  • Triton
  • Amesbury
  • Newburyport
  • North Reading (some teams in 1)
  • Manchester-Essex (some grades may play 1)
  • Saugus
  • Ipswich

Divisions will be tweaked by grade - thus some towns will have teams in both CAL 1 and CAL 2

Teams in their division will play each other home and home first - in cases of grade more that 9 teams that may not be possible. There will be cross divisional games scheduled where possible for grade divisions that have less than 9 teams.

Playoffs will be Cape Ann 1 and Cape Ann 2 with Champions and Runner Up for each Division


1. League Dues

Each town is to send $200 to Doug Lindland and $100 to Bob Ramsdell:

Webmaster $200:
Doug Lindland
2 Taft Woods Row
S. Hamilton, MA 01982

Referee Coordinator $100:
Bob Ramsdell
18 Lindor Road
North Reading, MA 01864

Playoffs - the double elimination playoff dues will stay at $295 per team - due in January - and the Jack Gabriel Award will be $20 per town

2. Schedule needs - please e-mail Doug Lindland your home gym times and dates - we need each town to provide at least 9 home dates - 8 or 9 will be filled.  Some towns have extra dates available for games but in that case the visiting team will be responsible for the referee dues to balance costs for everyone. If you need additional home games because you cannot host 8-9 games please let me know so I can work it out with the towns that do have home gym time available.

3. Coaches and Contact List - please e-mail Doug your coaches and contact information including cell phones

4. Gym Directions - please be sure your gym directions are accurate and are included on the list here

5. Grade divisions - please e-mail me your division placement of each team - CAL 1 or CAL 2 - in case we do go forth with the approved structure change this season I want to have it ready to go.

Once I have all this information I can schedule. I CANNOT schedule until I have EVERYONE's home gym time.

I will be updating the web site and keeping everyone informed.


Doug Lindland

Cape Ann Travel Basketball League Meeting Agenda
October 4, 2009


1.                 Welcome and New Directors

2.                 Recap of 2008-09

3.                 Discussion of new league structure for 2009-10 – “Division 1” and “Division 2”

4.                 Discussion of “A” teams from Peabody, Danvers, Beverly

5.                 Discussion of Salem (6th, 7th, 8th ) as the 18th town

6.                 Review of Rules and any changes

7.                 League Dues

8.                 Game Schedule – Saturday, December 5 through March 7

9.                  Schedule needs for web master

10.            Playoffs – March 8-13

11.            Old business

12.            New business