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Below are the 2010-11 Jack Gabriel Award Nominees for the Cape Ann League:

PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE AWARDS CEREMONY AT 8PM SUNDAY, MARCH 13th at the Veteran's Middle School in Marblehead

PEABODY 8: Ben Manoogian

Ben Manoogian is Peabody's nominee for the Jack Gabriel Award.  Ben is a point guard who thinks pass first and shoot second.  He is an excellent defender who always thinks of his teammates first.  He is one of the hardest workers in practice and loves the game of basketball. He is one of the smaller players on the court and is often asked to guard the other teams best offensive player.

Ben is an excellent student.  He is a solid A student who will be admitted into the National Junior Honor Society on March 24th.  He is dedicated to The Higgins Middle School and holds positions on the student advisory board, as a peer mentor, as an 8th grade student ambassador and volunteers as a reading buddy to a 1st grade student at the local elementary school.  As an example of the character of Ben, last Thanksgiving he spent the day with his family serving dinner for the Good Will organization. 

Peabody is proud to have Ben Manoogian as a travel player and teammate.  He is a pleasure to coach and is a true student athlete with great character and dedication.
MARBLEHEAD 8: Spencer Craig
Spencer is the first at practice and the last to leave.  He is a great teammate to all the players on the team.  He treats his opponents, coaches and referees with respect and appreciation. His sense of humor and hard work makes all the other players around him better. 

I have known him off the court as well and he handles himself in the community with respect and willingness to work hard at whatever he does.

Spencer also carries a heavy work load at school where he excels.
Amesbury 8: Brandon Lopez
While Brandon has tremendous God given athletic ability and excels in at least three sports, what is truly exceptional about Brandon is his attitude and outlook on life.  Brandon is very humble yet still a great leader of his peers.  He leads by the example of his hard work, his acknowledgement of his teammates successes and his encouragement and assistance in helping them to improve their game.  While he is the "go to guy" on our team, Brandon also is very conscious of making sure all players are involved in the game.  He is definitely one of those players that make his teammates better.
Off the court, Brandon brings the same attitude and outlook.  He is a staight A student that is well liked by all his teachers and his peers.  After school, he can often be found helping other classmates with their science lab or other schoolwork.  Family is very important to Brandon and it is delightful to watch him - after every game and after every practice - shoot baskets with his little brother. Brandon is on a team of players that, without exception, give 100% of themselves during every practice and every game - despite having a won/loss record that is not what they had hoped.  Keeping positive attitudes and a continous desire to improve - and willingness to work for that improvement has been the hallmark of this team.  This attitude is a tribute to the character of every team member and, in good part, a result of Brandon's leadership.
Beverly 8: Matthew McCormack

The Beverly Middle School Basketball Program has named Matthew McCormack as this year's Jack Gabriel Award Nominee. Over the course of this season and tenure as a Beverly Middle School player, Matthew has demonstrated the yearning to grow as a student-athlete both in the classroom and on the court. In school he is dedicated to learning and is an active community member.

Matt is the type of person that serves as a role model for others, both young and old. He plays basketball the same way he navigates life; with a commitment to learn, a respectful attitude, a hard work ethic, and a tremendously large heart. Everyone can learn from Matthew's positive attitude and the ability to move on to life's or basketball's "next play." As a member of our team, Matt doesn't score the most points and is not the biggest, fastest, or strongest kid. What he brings to the table is far beyond all of those qualities: team spirit, industriousness, and resolve.

We have watched Matthew improve each week this current season, and without him our team would not have be as unified or as close-knit as we are today. Beverly is proud to have Matthew represent our program this year for an award that symbolizes the wonderful qualities that Jack Gabriel stood for.  
Hamilton-Wenham 8  - Jimmy Campbell
Hamilton Wenham is proud to nominate Jimmy Campbell for the Jack Gabriel Award.Jimmy is an excellant athlete that competes in Football, Soccer, and Basketball. He is passionate about all his sports, but shows a real love for the game of basketball. He has been a great player on our team starting in 5th Grade and every year including his 8th Grade Year.

He can score, rebound, and defend as well as anyone in the Cape Ann League, however what really stands out about Jimmy is his unselfishness. He is a fantastic teammate who can dominate a game, but at the same time he gets his teammates involved and works to make everyone on the team better. Jimmy looks forward to practice and his success has come from a work ethic that includes working very hard on his game.

In addition to being an excellant student, Jimmy does work in the community at the Acord Food Pantry for the Homeless, assists the elderly in the neighborhood with chores etc.., and works on the Hamilton Wenham Ed Fund Christmas Tree project. Jimmy is a great basketball player and a great young man.

North Andover 8 - David Soloman

David joined our team this year and instantly became an integral part of the team. David played on the 5th grade travel team, he did not make the team in 6th grade team. He stuck with his love for the game, stayed focused and continued to work on his skills. His hard work paid off and he rejoined the Merrimack Valley Travel team in 7th grade. This year he joined our team and we are glad he did. From the first day of practice, David demonstrated a great work ethic and willingness to listen and learn. He has done everything the coaches have asked of him this year. It took a few games before David worked himself into the starting line up. "It was one of his goals this year" he said.  He is a versatile player, strongest inside and deadly from the elbow. David plays at top speed whether in practice or in a game.

Most importantly David works just as hard off the court. He is the youngest of three children. He enjoys being around his family & friends routing on the Celtics and Patriots or just hanging out at the beach. He is very outgoing & likeable. Basketball is his #1 sport with video games coming in second.  He is an honor role student, excelling in history and science. He has been an absolute joy to Coach and I wish him a great High School career. Coach Mark Alpert
Gloucester 8 - Kyle Mailey

Gloucester is proud to nominate Kyle Mailey for the Jack Gabriel Award. Kyle plays guard for the gloucester and has since fifth grade, he is always respectful of his teammates, referees and coaches.

Kyle succeeds In basketball, baseball, football along with doing great in school and being well liked with his peers.

Kyle has always worked hard and done everything we have asked him. It is a pleasure to coach and be around someone like Kyle. We look forward to watching Kyle continue to grow as an athlete and a great young Man.

Coach Drew, Dean, and John. 
  Newburyport - JJ Bajko

JJ Bajko is the type of player and person that any coach would love to have on his team.  He is a selfless leader on the court, in practices and in games, always looking to keep his teammates involved and never concerned with being the center of attention or with his personal statistics.  Offensively he sees the floor well, makes solid decisions in key game situations and excels at finding the open teammate,  He is a strong defender, always hustling, willing to guard the opposing team's best guard all over the court and tough enough to step in and take a charge regardless of the size of the opponent.  He exemplifies great sportsmanship, never challenges official's calls, and always shows respect to his teammates, coaches and opponents.

Off the court he supports his community by serving food at the Salvation Army and his church, or delivering meals to those in need.  He delivers holiday plants for his church each year and is an active participant in the church's Outreach Committee.  He donates clothes, games and other personal items that he feels would benefit others to an area elementary school or directly to these less fortunate.  He is always looking out for the underdog, finding ways to bring happiness to the lives of others.
Lynnfield 8 - Paul Pasciuto

Lynnfield Youth Sports is proud to nominate Paul Pasciuto for this year’s Jack Gabriel Award.  Paul is not the boy most recognized by other towns as the player to watch, but he is a remarkable example of all the traits that Jack Gabriel stood for ~ character, teamwork, dedication, excellence and sportsmanship both on and off the court.  Paul works incredibly hard in each and every practice and game and continues to improve each time he steps onto the court.  He is a true “team” player who is both unselfish with his teammates yet confident in his own abilities.  He remains calm under the most stressful of conditions and continues to lead the team by example with his sportsmanship and his unwavering dedication to the sport.  His quiet demeanor and outstanding work ethic make him an incredible role model for his teammates.

What is most impressive about Paul is his character, which sets him apart from the rest of his peers.  Paul’scharacter became evident at an early age when Sudden Cardiac Death took the life of his father.  He took the role of the man of the house onto his shoulders to help his mother take care of his older sister and younger brother.  Along with his family, Paul has dedicated himself to the task of raising money to provide automatic external defibrillators to local school systems and communities where they can be used to save lives.  So far, AEDs have been donated to four Lynnfield schools, the Lynnfield Town Hall, library and public works department building, Winchester Public Library, Winchester Sachem Youth Football and Cheerleading program and the Woburn High School Athletic department. 

Paul’s dedication to his family and team, his sportsmanship both on and off the court and most importantly, his character makes him the ideal player to receive this year’s Jack Gabriel award.

  Pentucket 8 - Will Sullivan

 Will Sullivan is Pentucket’s choice for the Jack Gabriel Award.  As a friend of Jack’s, I knew the qualities that he stood for and I believe he would be proud to have Will nominated for this Award.  Will has been on our team for all four years.  He is the center on our team.  For the first 3 years, Will was still growing into his body.  Through hard work he has become a starter and a quiet leader. 

Will always works hard in practice and games.  He is very polite and very coachable.  In 4 years, I have never seen Will complain about a call or even ‘make a face’ about a call.  He hands the ball to the referee and gets ready to continue playing.
Will is an honor roll student in advanced classes.  He has volunteered as a fund raiser for the Jimmy Fund.  Will also plays youth football and baseball.