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2012-13 Jack Gabriel Nominees are listed below - congratulations to all those nominated!
Name About
Mark Klose, North Andover

Mark Klose is the North Andover nominee for the 2012-2013 Jack Gabriel Award. Mark does not know any other way to play but all out, all the time. He is one of the few players you will see that will play with high intensity on both ends of the floor and he will 'empty the tank' to the point of near exhaustion when he is out there. Despite this intensity and passion for the game, Mark is one of the best teammates, and best sportsman to players on other teams. He is the first to extend a hand to player who is down and it doesn't matter if its a teammate or not. I've seen Mark battle players all game under the basket and then reach down to help them up if they are on the floor. In the 3 years I've coached him I've never seen him question a ref's call, or give the NBA 'palms up, are you kidding me' look to an official. He is usually the first guy in the handshake line after a game and the first to fist bump the refs afterwards. 
He's the ultimate teammate. Although he is a starter for us he never complains when he is subbed out, and when he's on the bench he's cheering for his teammates on the floor. Mark is unselfish to the point where one of the coach's main goals this year was to get him to look for his offense and shoot the ball more. I've never heard him criticize a teammate. He is a leader on the floor and is constantly talking and helping teammates. With 3 new players on the team this year Mark was right out front in making them feel like part of the team and helping them get a handle on what we were doing.

Off the court, he is well rounded and is a high honors student at North Andover Middle School. He was selected to compete for NAMS at the 2013 Math Counts state competition. Mark plays french horn and trumpet in the NAMS concert and jazz bands; and was selected for the MMEA Northeast Junior District orchestra in 2012 and 2013. He was named 2012 Cape Ann League All-Star in football. Mark is active in several volunteer efforts in and around the community. When not busy with sports or music, he likes to read, canoe and hike, watch ESPN and hang out with friends.
Eric Dawes, Amesbury
Amesbury is proud to present Eric Dawes as our nominee for this year’s Jack Gabriel Award.  Eric has been a 4-year travel player and truly embodies those qualities that this award is intended to recognize in the student athlete.  Eric is a tireless worker on the court, who is dedicated to continuously improving his individual skills and understanding the team dynamic.  Eric is coachable and embraces the pressure and competitiveness of playing the point in this league, often matched with some truly gifted players.   If Eric is ever disappointed with on-court results, it’s never evident in his demeanor.  He’s the most vocal cheerleader, always the loudest voice of encouragement to his coaches and teammates.  Eric has an infectious smile and a knack for raising the team’s spirits when they’re down and reeling them in when they need to refocus.

Eric is an Honor Roll Student at Amesbury Middle School and percussionist in the school band   He’s a 3-sport athlete:  a versatile all-star on the baseball diamond and playmaking safety on the football field.  Eric is an active fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Association in our community and took on a mentoring roll 2 years ago when a teammate was diagnosed with the disease and had to make important lifestyle changes. There are many worthy candidates across the league and I’m sure to arrive at just one nominee from each team is a difficult decision.  Eric’s accomplishments in athletics, academics and in the community are noteworthy and deserve consideration for the Jack Gabriel Award.
Stevie Noyes, Pentucket
Pentucket’s nominee for the 2012-13 Jack Gabriel award is Stevie Noyes. When I read the description of Jack’s life and what he stood for Stevie Noyes IS the consummate Jack Gabriel kid. Having known Stevie for many years I have watched him grow up and compete in sports, namely football, basketball, and baseball. As Stevie progressed he has had to learn to play with a pronounced height differential in his legs, one being significantly longer than the other. This physical issue would have deterred many kids from participating in athletics. It would have been an easy excuse for Stevie to use to quit sports and everyone would have certainly understood.  Stevie on the contrary has accepted this issue and has learned not only to cope, but also to thrive. This is largely due to Stevie’s love of competition, but more importantly to his love of being part of a team. Playing a role in something greater than him. Stevie is an extremely bright, intelligent young man in school and he uses this intelligence on the court. Having been asked to guard kids twice as quick or several inches taller, Stevie has altered his game and adjusted to guard in both cases with success. An example would be his willingness to take charges. In all the games we have played this season I have rarely seen a player take the charge. This is the ultimate sacrifice of your body for the benefit of the team. Stevie has taken six charges this year, which averages to one every other game. A pretty honorable statistic for an eighth grade basketball player! Most young men who have Stevie’s intelligence are difficult to coach, as they “know all the answers”. Stevie, however, is one of the most coachable kids I have ever worked with. He listens intently to instruction and is able to adjust quickly. A sign of Stevie’s dedication to himself and the team is his willingness to improve his shooting. Early in the year Stevie was not shooting well and with limited practice time and New England weather it was difficult for him to get in the extra shooting he desperately needed. Rather than give up he participated in a shooting clinic held on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at Northern Essex Community College (N.E.C.C). For five weekends he went faithfully to each session and put what he learned into each of our practices. Needless to say he has become a steady, dependable outside shooter the past couple of weeks.
Please give Stevie your highest consideration for the Jack Gabriel Award. You will find no better person than Stevie to represent Jack and the league. In closing, when I think of Stevie Noyes I am reminded of the words of the great World War II General Dwight D. Eisenhower who said, “It is not the size of the dog in fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” 
Spencer Feuerbach

As head coach of the 8th grade team, I’ve been coaching this group of boys since they began playing in the Cape Ann League Travel team in 5th Grade. Therefore, it is my pleasure to nominate Spencer Feuerbach for the Jack Gabriel Award in 2013. Spencer epitomizes what Jack Gabriel and the Jack Gabriel Award stands for: hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork and overall excellence. Plus, he is just a fabulous kid who I’ve had the pleasure to get to know along with his family over the past 7 years. If you ask any of the Cape Ann League coaches who have competed against us, they will tell you that Spencer is one of the best, if not the best, defenders in our Cape Ann League. He never gives up on a play, hustles after every loose ball, never bats an eye when we ask him to guard the top scorer on the opposing team and he’ll be the first kid to help an opponent up when he gets knocked down. Spencer’s all-around game has continued to improve over the past four (4) years and it hasn’t happened by mistake—Spencer works hard. He works hard at practice. He works hard at off-season training programs and at camps and participates in other athletics that further help to strengthen his overall approach to the game and its execution. Spencer also excels in the classroom as he consistently earns straight “A” grades each term. As both a 7th and 8th grader, he has been a standout on the Manchester-Essex High School Varsity Cross-Country team and this year, as only an 8th Grader, became the varsity team’s top runner this season. He won the “Jim Munn Invitational” race in Gloucester beating 700 other middle school runners while shattering the race time record by more than 15 seconds!  Spencer also led the team to its first ever qualification for the All-State Cross Country meet and the payoff is big come winter—his cross-country running has him great shape for basketball!
Outside of school, Spencer plays the piano, takes Spanish lessons, and enjoys reading.  During the summer, he caddies at the Essex County Golf Club in Manchester and is an Altar Server at the Sacred Heart Church in Manchester. Lastly, Spencer is the cousin of past Jack Gabriel Award Winner, Liam Aldrich also of Manchester Essex. I’m very proud and fortunate to be able to coach such great kids here in Manchester Essex and Spencer is one of those great kids. We’re lucky to have him on our team!
Ronnie Mwai, Newburyport
Ronnie and his family moved from Kenya to Newburyport in 2009.  Although Ronnie had never played basketball before, he picked it up quickly and played in our In-Town league as a 5th grader.  In 6th grade he made our Travel team and he has improved each season. 

Basketball is now his favorite sport and he plays year round – AAU in the spring, summer camps & clinics, fall leagues, etc… Ronnie has received multiple awards for his performance and good sportsmanship at camps and tournaments.  He always gives 100% effort at every practice and during every game. 

In my 8 years with Newburyport Boys Basketball (NBBA) program, nobody has worked harder to improve their basketball skills.  Ronnie has a great attitude on and off the court, never selfish, never talking back to coaches or refs, always encouraging his teammates.  After games Ronnie will seek out players from the other team, to congratulate them and wish good luck. 

His teammates and classmates in Newburyport respect Ronnie as a leader.  He excels in the classroom, even though English is not his first language.  Ronnie and his family are deeply involved with the Hope Community Church and he volunteers time in the community.  
Thomas Anderson, Triton

Triton Youth Basketball is proud to nominate Thomas Anderson for the 2012-2013 Jack Gabriel Award. Thomas exemplifies hard work, dedication, and teamwork in all that he does. He is there for a teammate when they need help getting up or a solid screen to get open. Anything that he can do to better the team he will do, even if that means sacrificing his body. He is not afraid to get on the floor for the ball or fly out of bounds attempting to save a ball.
Thomas may be an undersized center, but that does not stop him from going down low, fighting for positioning and rebounding with the larger centers in our league.  No matter the score, Thomas is an athlete who plays until the final buzzer. Thomas is an athlete who gives everything he has in every game, practice, and workout he is a part of. When given direction, Thomas looks you in the eye and then performs exactly what you asked of him. He attends basketball camps and high school off season strength workouts in order to better his game so that he can help his team when called upon.
Thomas brings energy and enthusiasm to our daily practices and is always there to give a word of positive encouragement to his teammates.  Thomas goes above and beyond to achieve his personal best for the good of the team.  When faced with a challenging situation or obstacle, whether it is on the basketball court, in the classroom or in his daily life, Thomas approaches the issue head on and pushes through with strength and perseverance.  He is more than willing to volunteer his time to help others and benefit our team.  He is truly a pleasure to work with and I look forward to him being a part of my basketball program the next 4 years.
Thomas takes his academics just a serious as he does his athletics. Thomas commits a great deal of time to his studies; he works extremely hard to perfect difficult assignments and is not afraid to seek out assistance and guidance from both his peers and his teachers.  The quality of his work is consistent, and he constantly pushes himself to get better grades.
On a personal note, Thomas is an exceptional person to know and have as a member of my team.  He is always polite and grasps the importance of a positive outlook on day to day life.  Thomas is easy to warm up to and is a genuinely nice and loyal person.
Ryan Veguilla, Masconomet
Ryan Veguilla is Masconomet's nominee for the Jack Gabriel Award.  Ryan has been a starter on the team since 5th grade and has been the team's best player and one of the premier players in the league each year.  As our point guard, Ryan is invaluable to our team; much of our team's success can be credited to his hard work and leadership.  He has worked diligently each year to improve his game, including during 6th grade when he broke his arm.  Despite missing a good portion of the season, he persevered and became an even stronger player upon his return.
He is an intelligent player who anticipates well.  His baketball IQ is off the charts and he functions as a second coach on the court.  He leads the team in both points and assists each season.  He loves and respects the game of basketball, and devotes himself to the sport 12 months of the year.  No one on our team or in our program is more passionate or dedicated to the sport.

Ryan is a pleasure to coach and have on the team.  He goes out of his way to thank each coach after every practice and every game.  He is polite and respectful to his coaches and teammates, and responds to a question or request with "Yes, coach."  He is one of the most talented ballplayers we have ever coached and makes everyone around him a better player.  Every member of our team looks up to Ryan.

Ryan also excels in the classroom and is an honor roll student at Masconomet.  He has made the Masconomet basketball program very proud.  Ryan represents everything that the Jack Gabriel Award stands for.  We are happy and enthused to nominate him for this pretigious award.
Jack Doherty, Peabody

Peabody is pleased and proud to nominate Jake Doherty for the 2013 Jack Gabriel Award! An honor student at Higgins Middle School, who also excels on the baseball diamond and grid iron, Jake possesses and exhibits all the characteristics and traits necessary to warrant him consideration for this prestigious award. He is tireless in practice as he constantly works to improve his skills. While he thrives on instruction and constructive criticism, his energy is effusive and contagious! As his coach, I rely heavily on his ability to motivate his teammates through example and exhortation. During games his sportsmanship, selflessness, and desire to compete is on display for all to see as he spends an inordinate amount of time on the floor chasing loose balls, setting picks, and rebounding against players who are bigger and taller. Jake is a three year starter in our program. His growth and maturity as an athlete and person truly exemplifies what we try to accomplish as a program .... which is to prepare middle school athletes for high school. We fully expect Jake to accomplish great things at the next level, and our program will take great pride in having played a small role in his progress and celebrity.
William Klotzbier, Lynnfield

Lynnfield is proud to nominate William Klotzbier for the Jack Gabriel award.  As his coach for the past four years, Will has consistently exemplified the characteristics for which this award was established.  He conducts himself on and off the court with a high level of sportsmanship and respect for the game, his coaches, teammates, family and friends.  Will plays with a level of passion that inspires his teammates to play to the best of their abilities.  He is a quiet leader who plays with a huge heart and leads by example, not words.  He is well respected by his teammates.  He has always been genuinely interested helping his teammates to be better players and regularly offers encouragement and support. Will is usually the first player to help teammates off the floor when they get knocked down. He consistently brings a positive attitude to the gym and never lets adversity bring him down.  He also plays with a level of poise and confidence that allows him to maintain composure despite the circumstances of the game.  In the four years I have coached him, he has never lost his composure with anyone involved the game, including the referees.  He thanks the coaches after every practice and game for the opportunity to participate and has worked very hard every to improve as a player.

Off the court, Will is an outstanding, well rounded student at Lynnfield Middle School.  He takes his academic responsibilities very seriously and works very hard to excel academically.  Will is a high honors student and maintains an "A" average .  He received the LMS Star of the week award and was selected by LMS faculty as a member of the Anti-Defamation League Peer Leadership Program.   As a student athlete, he understands the importance and priority of his education and the balance required to maintain his grades, including a few instances where he has reallocated time from basketball toward his studies.  Will also plays soccer and is a member of the Pioneer Singers.  This past year, Will has been involved in Destination Imagination and was one of the lead characters in the winter school drama production.

When I learned about the Jack Gabriel award and the attributes he stood for, Will immediately came to mind as a person and player that consistently demonstrates the character, teamwork, dedication, excellence, and sportsmanship that underlies the award.  He has been a pleasure to coach and get to know the past four years.
Devonn Allen, Danvers

Devonn Allen is the Danvers nominee for the 2013 Jack Gabriel Award. In the last few  years, basketball has become Devonn’s favorite sport, although he continues to play, and excel in, baseball as well. Like many of his teammates, Devonn works hard to improve his game both at practice and on his own. Other than one or two practices where he watched from the sidelines due to injury, he has not missed a practice or game in his four years playing in the Cape Ann League. Dev usually plays the point, and most naturally looks to get his teammates the ball. However, he has worked hard to improve his shot and over the years has learned to look for his own offense more. Additonally, Devonn plays excellent defense and has consistently been our team’s leading rebounder. Modest and quiet both on and off the court, Devonn tries to lead by example, competing intensely from whistle to whistle. Allen’s hard work extends beyong the court; he has earned honors throughout his three years at the Holten-Richmond Middle School. I am proud to nominate Devonn Allen for the 2013 Jack Gabriel Award.
Maxwell Zegarowski,

HW nominates Maxwell Zegarowski for the Jack Gabriel award. Maxwell is a four year travel basketball player who embraces the true meaning of youth sports. Maxwell is a team player who loves more than the competitive aspect of travel basketball. He is always early to practice and games, he organizes youth support for other travel team games and he has never missed a practice or game. Maxwell follows the code of conduct and has a great deal of respect for the game. He puts sportsmanship first and often reminds me what youth sports is all about. He values the friendships he has developed with players from other teams. Win or lose, Max moves on to the next basketball event. He is humble in wins and learns from his losses. He already understands its about the experience. As a football player this fall and AAU player in the spring, Max is okay with whatever role he is put in. Coming from a basketball family Maxwell has watched his siblings succeed and struggle. Rather it be a family member or teammate, Max is the first one to compliment or congratulate. He is a quiet learner who does not require or expect attention. 
As a dedicated member of the team, Maxwell has developed into one of the best players in the league. He leads our team in three pointers and is my smartest player on offense and defense. His achievements on the court do not always show up on the stat sheet because Max does the little things a coach does not take for granted. He makes the extra pass on offense and he is our smartest off the ball defender. He talks on offense and defense and he knows and plays to the strengths and weaknesses of our team. Max has a very high IQ on the court and combined with his unselfish play he has earned respect from other coaches and players in the league.

Sportsmanship and love for the game come to mind when I think of Maxwell. Off the court he is a hard working student and always kind to others. He volunteers for Special Olympics and enjoys playing basketball and soccer with children with disabilities.  Max has been a peer leader for a child with special needs since he was five. We are very proud of Maxwell as a person and for the way he embraces everything travel youth basketball stands for.
Drew Gally, Marblehead

Marblehead nominates Drew Gally for the Jack Gabriel award this season.  Drew is a four year player in the travel program and epitomizes the attributes that this distinguished award represents.  Drew does not always start the game but it is  not uncommon to see him on the court at the end, when the game is on the line. He can be described as a “lunch pail player” that will do whatever it takes to help his team and teammates.  He has played every position on our team and not once complained about having to know where he should be on a defensive rotation or offensive set.  He simply learned every spot and made himself extremely versatile.  Stating that Drew is extremely “coachable”, like many of his teammates, is simply an understatement.  He does what he is asked with enthusiasm and pride.  In four years of working with him I have yet to hear him utter a negative word. His sportsmanship is unprecedented and you can never tell by his facial expressions if the game is going well or poorly for his team.  He just plays and plays HARD! He has dedicated himself to improving all of his basketball skills.  One particular skill of note is his shooting ability.  His dedication is paying dividends as he is leading our team in 3 point field goal percentage this season. Drew knows what it takes to be a great player.  In fact one of his favorite quotes is “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard!” It is without reservation that we nominate Drew Gally for the Jack Gabriel Award.
Griffin Elis, North Reading

North Reading is proud to nominate Griffin Elis for the Jack Gabriel Award.  Griffin has been a 4 year member of the North Reading team.  He typically is one of the smaller players on the court but is able to compete because of his strong work ethic, passion for the game and high basketball IQ.  He is also one of the top three point threats on the team. Griffin is very coachable and is consistently looking to learn and improve his game.  He works very hard in practice and on his own to continuously improve his game. Griffin is respected by his teammates as a high character individual and quality person.
Griffin has exemplified sportsmanship during his time on the team.  He is always courteous to officials and has not argued about playing time with our coaching staff.  Griffin is always attentive to the coaches’ instruction and takes feedback to heart. While on the court he gives 100% effort and when on the bench he is completely supportive of the team.
Outside of basketball Griffin has competed competitively for North Reading in Baseball and Soccer.
Griffin works very hard in school.  He takes his studies very seriously and places a lot of time and effort into them.  He is a consistent member of the high honor roll rank at North Reading Middle School.
We believe Griffin Elis is worthy recipient of the Jack Gabriel Award.
Nicholas Favazza, Gloucester

Gloucester is proud to nominate Nicholas Favazza for the 2013 Jack Gabriele award. Nick has earned this nomination because of his sportsmanship and love of team sports. Nick as a player and a teammate is the kind of young man any coach would like to have on their team.  Thru passion and commitment to become a better pla
yer, Nick has improved every aspect of his game during the four years that I have coached him.  On the court, Nick is a huge presence at center and will battle both ends of the court for his team.  One of Nick’s greatest attributes as the starting center over the past four years has been to play the toughest position and to have never lost his composer with the opposition or the officiating. Nick has the personality to compete at the highest level yet still have the respect for the game and the people that participate in it. Nick has a great sense of humor that is needed in sports and in life as we all go through this great journey.       
Nick is also a very accomplished football player.  He has won multiple championships in the Cape Ann football league, in large part because of his ability to make game changing plays at the lineman position. He is a two way player that has a motor that is relentless.     
I am very proud as coach to have had the opportunity to have coached such a kind and caring player with a great personality on and off the court.  I look forward to watching Nick play sports at the next level.
Kevin Flaherty, Beverly

Kevin Flaherty is the consumate team player who exudes the traits necessary for excellence. He is unselfish, hardworking, and coachable. Kevin never asks why, he just always gives his utmost in all situations. He is the type of player every team needs.

Kevin is unconcerned with stats and personal glory. He just wants to compete every second he is on the floor, be it in practice or in a game. The coaching staff frequently uses him as an example for the rest of the team. Numerous times we exhort the team to "play as hard as Kevin does!" His teammates just nod in agreement because they realize that nobody gives more of himself then he does. It is with great pleasure we nominate Kevin Flaherty for the Jack Gabriel Award.